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diamond natane
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A famous Japanese phrase says that “There’s not treasure more precious than
a child.” That’s the inspiration for our diamond-themed TENUGUI, which features a pattern of big and small shining diamonds symbolizing precious children. It’ll be a good present for celebratory occasions.

Soft yellow inspired by Natane is perfect for every celebration. It’ll be a more special gift with name embroidery.

Name embroidery

※The embroidery yarn for this series is gold only.

  • ※Add your baby's name.
    【×】N.Kaori 【×】Tanaka.K

(※Maximum 10 alphabet characters in cursive letters and first character will be a capital letter.)


Tax and Duty Fees:
Your country may charge additional taxes or duties on your order when it enters your country. You are responsible for paying any additional charges.

About item

Wrapping image

※Picture : tenugui 1 diamond natane

Fabric & care

・100% cotton

Because we utilize the traditional "CHUSEN" method for dying our TENUGUI fabric, some color may transfer by sweat and friction at the beginning. Please hand wash with plenty of cold water only, and don't soak TENUGUI for an extended period of time.

※Name embroidery
To make our embroidery beautiful and long-lasting, we use non-woven material for interlining. It'll melt away when you put it in water, so please wash it before your first use.


width : 37cm
height : 90cm

Made in Japan.