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crown 1
gold pink
$20.00 USD

This crown head bands are made just for little princes and princesses. Shiny fabric will excite their imagination and the item can be used for playing make believe or celebrating a special birthday.

The crown’s strap is made using rubber type of velour ribbon, so it’s soft and easy to put on and take off. Don’t worry about it slipping off and enjoy the cute MARLMARL logo.

The shiny gold fabric excites princess mood and you will be the main girl of the party!
Also please enjoy the pink lining and the velour ribbon.


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About item


Delivering in an originally designed zipper bag.
※Picture : crown 4 silver grey

Fabric & care

Surface material: Synthetic leather
Back material: Polyester, Viscose, Hemp, Cotton
Padding material: Polyester
Elastic: Nylon, Polyurethane

※Hand wash only
※The foil printing is done on this item, and that foil part might crack by forcing friction because of the special quality of this printing. So, please wash by hands, and do not rub hard this printed parts.



a: Height:6.5cm
b: Wide:15cm
c: Length of tape:50cm

Made in China.