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Noah bear
$55.00 USD

We designed our new “BFF” to be your Baby’s First Friend – a small sized blanket with adorable stuffed animal.

In order to get in touch with familiarity, we named the bear ” Noah ” wearing a bib with its name embroidered.

The stuffed animal and blanket are connected by button, so the two can be easily separated. The stuffed animal contains a rattle and can be easily connected to a baby stroller for taking it out on the go. Each stuffed animal is wearing a miniature MARLMARL bib with its name embroidered, so it will look especially cute when child wears same one.
The BFF blanket is made from strong but soft fabric that maintains its texture even after frequent washing.


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About item


Delivering in an originally designed zipper bag.
※Packaged size : W275×H150×D105
※Picture : BFF 3 Eren phant

Fabric & care

Surface material of the blanket: Polyester
Brake lines of the blanket: Acrylic
Attached material of the blanket: Hemp
Surface material of the stuffed toy: Hemp
Padding material of the stuffed toy: Polyester

※When the stuffed toy affected by sunlight long, there is a fear that the color fades away, so please dry after washing in the shade.
※There is a fear that hair of this blanket comes out by friction because of the special quality of the material.
※The blanket can be washed in a washing machine, but please remove and hand wash the stuffed toy.


Length 40cm
Wide 40cm

※There would exist a little measurement error.