Not necessary to change it usually.

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macaron 3 orange×camel

(3 months)65cm

I got the bibs from my friend as the childbirth celebration gift.When I opened the box,the 3 pieces bibs was put into the box with my favourite color combination,and I’m so looking forward to use them! Recently,my baby’s slobber become to more and more,we’re so happy that we had the MARLMARL bibs. The clothes will be sticky so quickly when we use the other bibs,but the MARLMARL bibs can catch the slobber very well with the soft material (perhaps because it has the lining material,doesn’t it?) So it’s not necessary for me to change the bib usually.It’s really helpful to me. I think it’s a must buy to your friends as the childbirth celebration gift !

Mom(Graphic designer)


Looks like a lovely collar♡

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macaron 4 brown×mint

(2 months)60cm

The coloring and the embroidery is so wonderful! Besides that,it also can match any clothes because of its simple design. And the bib looks like a lovely collar when the button runs to the front. It’s so useful for me cause my baby is drooling pretty much recently.



It’s always useful!

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marché 5 turquoise×madras

(15 months)

It’s always useful!

My parents love it too.

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marché 2 fuchsia×madras

(13 months)73cm

I ordered name-embroidery bibs.I like the beautiful embroidery font so much. Sometimes I will turn the button into the front because i think it’s so cute too. And my parents love it too.I think that I will choose it as the present for my friends next time.

It’s so convenient!

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macaron 2 sand×purple

(9 months)72cm

It’s so convenient that it could be arounded by 360 degrees.You just need turn around it when it got dirty,you needn’t take many bibs go out anymore.

[We’re appreciate that you introduced MARLMARL bibs to the NHK TV Program. Thanks for your great support! ]

It can protect baby’s shoulder.

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macaron 4 brown×mint

(4 months)

Of course,it is cute! And it also can protect baby’s shoulder in the cold air-conditioning room. The bibs that we used to wear is very easy to be pulled by hand.But,the edge of MARLMARL bib is difficult to be touched for baby,so it never be pulled again.

Mom (Stylist)

I have no hesitation to use it!

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macaron 6 sky×greige

(6 months)

My baby is drooling pretty much recently.MARLMARL bibs are so useful to me.The color usage is so lovely,I like it very very much! It can be washed by the washing machine ,so I have no hesitation to use it!

Mom(radio DJ)

Very easy to be used.

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marché 1 peach×gingham

(3 months)

My baby is so active that the bib always runs to the back…and it looks so dangerous that the string around her neck..and and…when I’m worried about that,MARLMARL bibs appears!It can be turn arounded freedom and very easy to be used because of the round shape design.

Mom (WJKW Designer)

Fashionable and cute!

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marché 2 fuchsia×madras

(5 months)

It is very rare to see the round shape bib,fashionable and cute!

Good functionality!

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marché 3 turquoise×flower

(1 months)51.6cm

Anyway,the color,the patterns and the embroidery make it so different from the other bibs,it has good sense and feel so fashionable.There’s two buttons for adjusting the size of neckline,it can be used start from the newborn baby. My baby is always vomited up while she is sleeping,the space around the shoulder always gets dirty,but the MARLMARL bib can catch the vomitus very well thanks to its good functionality. It is also suitable to be worn for going out.

Mom (Hair&make-up artist)